Data Analysis.

Inspecting and cleaning.

The amount of data that is being produced and gathered is growing exponentially. Initially, the gathered data is too raw to support any decision-making process, extensive inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling is necessary to provide visualization of the desired outcome. The extensive experience of Corizon with processing data has become the foremost strength of the company. To ensure if the data is of the desired quality a clean up of the raw data is needed to enhance the quality of the end results. The determination of data quality is the first and most important step on the road to supporting decision-making. Without knowing the quality of data before modelling, the chance to have irregularities is big, which wil pollute the end results. To be sure, the acquired data should be divided and checked for consistancy before it can be filtered and organized.


Once the raw data is cleaned it can be transformed into understandable math. Corizon has the right partners who create algorithms for clustering the data. This is needed to make some sense of the information the data is holding. The clusters will be organized and accomodated under different subjects based on the direction where the customer wants us to go. To produce the desired basis for supporting decision making, our consultants present the variations of information embedded in the data clusters, which is customized per client.


Now that the data clusters are organised the real value of the data can be shown. To visualize the data cluster a translation from the information is needed. The development of these translation adapters is a delicate process. The right data must be pulled from the clusters which provide a clear stream of information based on the client whishes. Decision-making based on data analysis is the most accurate, future proof consultancy out there.