What is FIspace?

FIspace is a business-to-business (B2B) collaboration platform. It works like a social network, like LinkedIn or Facebook. Once registered, contacting affiliates is simple, secure and easy. Here is what you can do on FIspace:

  • Get in contact with business partners, collaborators, suppliers and other companies and professional users
  • Negotiate collaborations
  • Detail contracts Exchange data
  • Manage intercompany business processes
  • Deliver and use value-added services
  • Avoid cumbersome and tedious e-mail exchanges
  • But the platform does not end there. FIspace prepares to maintain an app store like those known for smart phones and tablets.


    Technology provides endless possibilities for companies to improve performance, act smarter or be more efficient. But small- and medium-sized companies often do not have the resources to invest in this technology or only need a fraction of what software companies provide. Often, a particular app is enough to help solving a very particular problem. Apps could help to process or interpret data and make suggestions or give advice. Via FIspace it is simple to get in contact with app developers who can create custom-made apps for any business collaboration.

    How does that work?

    Companies keep a vast amount of information on their products and processes in their systems and data repositories. But when it comes to making this data available to affiliates, along with the product itself, it is a matter of hand-written files, printouts, paperwork or e-mail attachments. With the right apps, most of this data could be exchanged automatically. In contrast to general social networks, FIspace (app) developers acknowledge that companies require much more control over this sensitive data. They must be ensured that only authorized individuals or organizations have access and can use their data. FIspace does not store the data exchanged between companies. It only stores the links between companies and the rules and conditions for data sharing. Moreover, companies need much higher standards of security for their data management. The Future Internet technology, on which FIspace is built, makes this possible, e.g. by encryption or selective access rights.

    Corizon & FIspace.

    FIpace is funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme and is intended for all collaborating bussines networks. With designing FIspace, Corizon was asked as one of the few to contribute to the architectural groundwork needed for constructing FIspace. This has proven to be a considerable challenge due to the expected extent the FIspace network is aiming for; as many providers and as many users possible. Collaborations with IT organisations from all over Europe were formed to have has much contribution as possible. This process turned out to be great way to learn about the newest innovations and how to work with so many partners in such a diverse network.