LedScore - Next Generation Scoreboards.

Corizon is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life through technical innovations. Sports is a necessity, both physical and mental well being are the prerequisites of great achievements in life. With the newest technologies Corizon is optimize the way sports clubs can operate intern while providing an extensive relationship with contributers. LedScore is the innovation the sport markets need. With this multifunctional ’smart scoreboard’ every sport can extend their services to their fans, members and business environment. Digital signage, in combination with high quality screens and easy controls will bring the future of score tracking and sponsoring to your sports club.

Innovative Scoretracking.

Corizon offers a range of scoretracking products. From complete videowall solutions to the LedScore Blackbox.

A complete solution consist of a videowall the size of which is adjustable to any situation, a digital signage computer for advertising which also carries the scoreboard software, mantled in a dust free, hardened glass frame. To control the scoreboard, one or more tablets are included, these contain the easy to use software which can be managed by kids from 12 years old.

The controlling device (tablet) is configured to only run in the secured WIFI environment, which has a range of at least a hundred meters. The WIFI environment can be used for additional services e.g. an extra screen away from the field, to inform everybody of the newest results and dates within your sports club.

LedScore Blackbox.

The most simplistic way to keep score during any match. Connect the Blackbox with HDMI to any screen you want, download the controll app from the Google PlayStore and you're good to go. To order the Blackbox and for more information about all the possibilities, please visit the LedScore website.