Trace your goods anytime, anywhere, through the entire supply chain secure, fast and reliable data exchange

LogiSense is a very pluggable system that can fill any software gap for logistic service providers. The more of your logistical services expand, the more connections are being made, offline as well as online. Every connection between systems consumes effort to build and maintain by your IT department. With increased connectivity and exchange of messages IT effort grows exponentially. Ten partners, in a network where they all are connected to each other, will create 90 connections. With use of LogiSense the amount of connections can be reduced to 10. This means a reduction of IT effort by factor 9.

Reduction of paper trail.

LogiSense makes it easy to connect your business to others. Most logistics providers already have a system to manage their shipments digitally. When cooperating with another logistic service provider or a charter often communication is still handled via paper documents. Connecting your system to that of others to get rid of the paper trail is a complex and tedious process. LogiSense solves this problem by performing a quick scan of all the processes where there is a lot of paper involved. A proposal will be presented to discuss the favoured outcomes.

Full standards compliance.

LogiSense supports industry standards for communication like EDI, so usually only a small connector is needed to connect your own system to LogiSense. Any current software system that supports EDI messaging standards will be able to connect to LogiSense. It is no problem if business does not use the the typically used messaging standards, our experts can customize the connector to fit your company standards.

IT cost reduction.

By reusing connections made to LogiSense, a network is build with a minimal amount of connections leading to cost reductions of over factor 10 for small networks. Cost reductions scale up massively with increase of the networks. For distribution networks, LogiSense can be the stable factor to consult on freight info for all the connected members of the network, without needing systemconnections between all the participating companies.

Private and secure.

LogiSense uses state of the art security systems to keep your data safe, fast and reliable. In Germany located certified data centers make sure LogiSense is always available and fast. The user decides whether to share his information with partnering companies or not. This will ensure the right information is in place while protecting the digital environment against non-users.

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